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CIB Applied Intelligence Project briefs former NSA official

Paul Hickey 01Members of the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief’s Applied Intelligence Project briefed Mr. Paul Hickey, an experienced government executive, whose career spanned many decades of service in the United States Army and the National Security Agency (NSA).

During the brief, the Directors of four Critical Mission Centers, along with their Senior Intelligence Analysts, gave Mr. Hickey (pictured) pertinent information about a host of timely concerns to U.S. national security from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The precise topics remain sensitive, as per the Applied Intelligence Project’s information distribution rules.

Paul Hickey 02
Mr. Paul Hickey

At the end of the brief, Mr. Hickey asked insightful questions and provided useful constructive feedback regarding intelligence briefing to the Critical Mission Center staff. When asked for his impressions of the visit, Mr. Hickey shared the following thoughts:

My visit to the Coastal Carolina University (CCU) Intelligence Operations Command Center was more interesting, and more professional, than I imagined. The students were well versed in protocol; they stood when I entered the room, they properly introduced themselves, they presented their material and then solicited questions. When questioned, they rose and highlighted their points at the map on the wall to visually demonstrate the geographic significance of their answers. I must admit that I thought to myself ‘I’ve worked with people who were less professional than these students.’ I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and I am confident that CCU is fostering the next generation of intelligence professionals.

The CIB’s Applied Intelligence Project is currently concluding its second semester. Through this project, CIB student analysts have been able to brief intelligence officials from the NSA and the US Space Force, NATO diplomats, and others.