The Weekly Intelligence Brief

Weekly Intelligence BriefIn October 2017, the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief launched a new venture, The Weekly Intelligence Brief. This publication is issued every week during regular semesters in both online and printed format. Its purpose is to highlight current news developments from around the world that pose significant challenges from a security and intelligence perspective. News stories from around the world are produced by CIB analysts and members, who author them in accordance with the WIB‘s editorial submission guidelines. They are then submitted to CIB Heads of Desk, who edit them before forwarding them to the WIB‘s editors for final editing and publication.

The WIB was an idea first proposed in the spring of 2017 by CIB Americas Desk member Lindsey Hamilton. In September 2017, Lindsey became the first Editor-in-Chief of the WIB. She was joined by CIB Cyber Desk member Logan Jarrell, who served as the WIB‘s first Associate Editor. On October 18, 2017, the CIB published the first issue of the WIB with articles submitted by the CIB’s Africa, Asia, Americas and Cyber Desks.

The WIB is generously supported by the members of the CIB and through an Experiential Learning Project grant awarded by the Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts at Coastal Carolina University.

Read the Weekly Intelligence Brief editorial submission guidelines.

Weekly Intelligence Brief | Vol. 01 | Iss. 01 | October 18, 2017.

Weekly Intelligence Brief | Vol. 01 | Iss. 02 | October 25, 2017.

Weekly Intelligence Brief | Vol. 01 | Iss. 03 | November 6, 2017.

Weekly Intelligence Brief | Vol. 01 | Iss. 04 | November 13, 2017.

Weekly Intelligence Brief | Vol. 01 | Iss. 05 | December 4, 2017.