Voting for the CIB Executive Team elections for the 2022-2023 academic year will begin at 7pm on April 13, 2021, and finish at 7pm on April 20, 2021. Each CIB member in good standing is allowed to vote for up to five candidates from the list below. Please vote at any time prior to the deadline, by entering your unique cryptonym (emailed to you earlier this month by a member of the CIB Election Committee), and making your selections. You must vote for at least one candidate (see first drop-down menu) for your vote to go through. You may not vote for the same candidate more than once.

You may select from among the following candidates: Aubrey Belanger (Middle East Desk), Tessa Bentley (Middle East Desk), Scott Boster (Latin America Desk), Lukas Delaney (Asia Desk), Ryan Freyland (Asia Desk), Sarah Gabriel (Special Topics Desk), Gabriel Hoehn (Middle East Desk), Maxim Kozlov (Russia Desk), Amanda Lane (North America Desk), Sierra Mason (Europe Desk), Casey Mazzone (Africa Desk), Abigail McClean (North America Desk), Kristian Nesheim (Africa Desk), Sophie Sherwood (Special Topics Desk), Hannah Simpson (Russia Desk), Grey Thompson (Special Topics Desk), McKenzie Tsiantoulas (Russia Desk), Brendan Valcone (Special Topics Desk)