CIB analysts present research at international conference

Four members of the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief, CCU’s premier pre-professional organization, presented their research at the annual conference of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE). They were among only a handful of undergraduate students to present research at this international conference, which brought together intelligence scholars and practitioners from over a dozen countries.

The conference, which was held at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, featured several keynote speakers including Ms. Linda Weissgold, Deputy Director for Analysis at the Central Intelligence Agency, and Major General Aaron Prupas (USAF), Director for Defense Intelligence (Warfighter Support) at the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.

The CIB student presenters were Hannah Flick, Kevin Joyce, Alexa McMichael, and Kristian Nesheim. They presented their research as part of a panel entitled “A World in Flux: Implications for U.S. Intelligence”. The panel sought to draw connections between the unprecedented rise of Asia’s geopolitical significance in recent years, and the growing tension and instability in the domestic politics of the United States. It was moderated by CCU Assistant Professor Bridget Nolan, with CCU Professor Joseph Fitsanakis serving as the panel discussant.

Kevin Joyce, CIB Senior Analyst and former Critical Mission Center Director of the Applied Intelligence Project, delivered his paper entitled “A Balance of Power: Strategic Intelligence Implications of South Asian Instability”. Hannah Flick, Director of the Applied Intelligence Project’s Critical Mission Center ZULU, presented her research on “Foreign Influence Activities of China’s United Front Work Department”. Kristian Nesheim, the CIB’s External Relations Officer and Head of the organization’s Africa Desk, outlined his recent work on “Chinese Foreign Influence Through Development Assistance Loans”. And Alexa McMichael, Senior Analyst of Critical Mission Center FOXTROT, discussed her soon-to-be-published co-authored book chapter on “Sociopolitical Militancy in the United States Amidst the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic”.

Nearly 30 conference participants attended the CIB research panel, including IAFIE President Dr. Barry Zulauf and CIA DDA Linda Weissgold. Following the conclusion of the panel session, DDA Weisgold proceeded to offer the student panelists detailed feedback on their presentations. The CIB wishes to thank the Edwards College and the Department of Intelligence and Security Studies at CCU for providing the funding needed to attending the conference, as well as the Citadel for its hospitality.