CIB relaunches Weekly Intelligence Brief with new leadership

WIB 1THE CIB HAS RELAUNCHED its highly successful Weekly Intelligence Brief (WIB), a publication containing descriptive intelligence products, which is modeled on the President’s Daily Brief. The idea behind the WIB was first proposed in the spring of 2017 by CIB Americas Desk analyst Lindsey Hamilton. In September 2017, Lindsey became the first Editor-in-Chief of the WIB. On October 18, 2017, the CIB published the first issue of the WIB, with articles submitted by analysts in the CIB’s Africa, Asia, Americas and Cyber Desks. Now, in the fall 2020 semester, the WIB has entered the second period of its existence with a new Editor-in-Chief, CIB Senior Analyst Hannah Clegg. She is assisted by associate editors Morgan-McKay Hoppmann (Senior Analyst, CIB Asia Desk) and Jackson Hauf (CIB Executive Director).

The purpose of the WIB is to give CIB analysts a platform to showcase their ability to descriptively report important developments affecting their analytical topics, which are changing sometimes on an hourly basis. Clegg decided to lead this effort last summer, when she ran across the WIB page on the CIB website. “I thought the concept of an intelligence newspaper was really cool. I love  running projects, so the idea of restarting the WIB, a project that played to my strengths and interests, seemed like the perfect opportunity”, says Clegg.

CIB Executive Director Jackson Hauf, who has been with the CIB since his freshman year at Coastal Carolina University, urged new CIB analysts to get involved with the project: “The WIB is the easiest way a CIB member can be officially published. It also allows us to provide unbiased and Bottom-Line Up-Front information, especially for those who are watching our prospective members for a career in the Intelligence field”. WIB Associate Editor Morgan-McKay Hoppmann, applauded the creative dynamism of the project: “Organizations like the CIB thrive on the creative ideas of their members. My goal is for other members to see the effort Hannah is putting into reviving the WIB and be inspired to take similar creative risks as they strive to make their organizations (whether the CIB or others) the best they can be”.

The WIB has already published two issues this semester, and several more will appear this year, as increasing numbers of Analysts get deeper into their topic, week after week. Any CIB member can submit a report for publication, by reaching out to Editor-in-Chief Clegg at Past issues of the WIB can be accessed at the CIB’s dedicated WIB website, which is available here.