CIB presents awards virtually amidst coronavirus pandemic

CIBUNLIKE PAST SEMESTERS, MEMBERS OF the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief (CIB) did not meet for the CIB Banquet, which marks the culmination of the spring 2020 semester. The Banquet takes places to recognize the hard work of members, analysts, senior analysts and members, and to renew their pledge to make the organization even stronger in the coming year. This would have been the ninth CIB Banquet, in the tradition of the group’s first-ever banquet, which was held in May of 2016. But the coronavirus pandemic did not stop the CIB from doing its work, and the organization was still able to present this semester’s awards, albeit in virtual fashion.

On behalf of the CIB Executive Team, CIB faculty mentor Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis recognized the longstanding work of our Communications Officer, Mike Gompper (pictured), who was awarded the CIB Achievement Award. This recognition is offered by the CIB Executive Team to an individual member of the organization who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in contributing to the CIB’s efforts.

Mike Gompper

Mike Gompper

Four awards were presented to CIB Senior Analysts. The Intelligence Analysis Award, presented for delivering the highest-quality analytical product during the semester, was won by the CIB’s Sub-Saharan Africa Section, which consists of senior analysts Kelsey Kerouac and Nicole Pfadt. The Intelligence Forecast Award, given for achieving the most successful analytical forecast record in the semester, was presented to the CIB’s Russian Foreign Affairs Section, which consists of senior analysts Alex Clark and Gabrielle Hawkins. The Intelligence Award is given to an individual analyst whose work has shown the most progress during a single semester. This award recognizes a person who rose to meet the high standards of the CIB though constant improvement, dedication and hard work. It was presented to CIB Senior Analyst Rae McArthur, who is a member of the the organization’s Europe and North America Section.

The Best Intelligence Essay Award recognizes the best written analytical product of the semester. It went to Hannah Clegg, a Russian Domestic Affairs Senior Analyst. Hannah’s analytical topic for the semester was: “The Political stability of the Russian state under Vladimir Putin” Her final analytical product was deemed to be the best quality by a review committee composed of intelligence professionals.

The CIB wishes to thank all of its Executive Team officers, its senior analysts and analysts, as well as its members, for a highly successful semester, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Our organization looks forward to continuing to strengthen our work and output in the semesters to come. We also want to congratulate our graduating members and wish them our very best as they embark on their next steps in life.