Fourth episode of CIB Intelligence Report now online

CIB Intelligence ReportThe fourth episode of the CIB Intelligence Report, the television show that covers the latest developments in the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief, is now online. The 30-minute episode can be accessed on the CIB TV YouTube channel, here. The show was filmed at the studio facilities of the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, located on Coastal Carolina University’s Conway campus in South Carolina, and hosted by the CIB’s Faculty Mentor, Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis.

The first episode of the CIB Intelligence Report provided some essential background on how the CIB project began, the vision behind it, as well as the group’s current projects and activities. We spoke with the founder and first Executive Director of the CIB, Ben Malone, and with Dr. Fitsanakis. Our second episode featured interviews with the then-Executive Director of the CIB Blake Gutberlet, a specialist in Africa, and CIB Quality Assurance Officer Ryan Haag, who worked on North Korea. In our third episode, we continued our preoccupation with North Korea, and we heard from Matt Pologe, CIB’s specialist on the Korean Peninsula, and Rachel Panichella, who focused on the power dynamics of the Mexican drug cartels.

In this, our fourth episode, we host two CIB Analysts. The first is Connor Lewis, a senior originally from northern Virginia, who is the recipient of the CIB Analysis Award, which means that he scored the highest grade this past semester in a series of oral intelligence briefs in the CIB’s Applied Intelligence Analysis class. Connor focuses on the complex evolution of Chinese-Russian relations. Our other guest is Clara Comiskey, who is from Georgia. She specializes in strategic intelligence in Africa’s Sahel region. Her main focus has been the growth and capabilities of extremist groups in what is arguably Africa’s most dangerous and unstable region.

The CIB wishes to thank Michael DiGiorgio, Digital Studio Director of the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts at CCU, for his direction and technical supervision of the filming. The CIB’s latest episode can be watched online, here.