120 students sign up with CIB during Club Recruitment Day

01 Top Image Close to 120 Coastal Carolina University students signed up with the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief on Wednesday, August 24, during CCU’s semi-annual Club Recruitment Day. The CIB was one of dozens of student clubs and organizations represented at the event, which took place on Prince Lawn, on Coastal’s beautiful Conway campus. Led by CIB’s Executive Director Blake Gutberlet, a team of dedicated students was on location from early in the morning until 3:00 p.m., to answer students’ questions and showcase the CIB’s achievements from the past year.

Victoria James, the CIB’s newly appointed communications officer, who spent nearly six hours at the CIB tent, said it wasn’t difficult to draw students in. “We came prepared with ‘spiels’ to draw people’s attention, but these were not needed after all”, she said. “Students were seeking us out and were literally queuing up to add their name on the CIB sign-up list”. Connor Kilgore, CIB’s new Recruitment Officer, also spent many hours at the CIB tent on Wednesday. He said that many of the students who signed up were not Intelligence majors or minors. “They are simply interested in the subject, and pay attention to world news, which is precisely what CIB focuses on”, he said.

The CIB’s Chief Operations Officer, Jeremy Lee, and the group’s Quality Assurance Officer, Ryan Haag, spent many hours at the tent between classes, handing out recruitment material and showing students copies of The Intelligence Review, a peer-reviewed publication of the European Intelligence Academy, which features content by CIB analysts. Both Jeremy (a Europe expert) and Ryan (an expert on North Korea) saw their work published in the inaugural issue of The Intelligence Review this past July. Last but not least, the CIB station featured Chaser, the CIB mascot. Chaser’s owner is Casey Mallon, the CIB’s new Financial Officer, who said he was a big hit and made many new friends that day. He also ate about half a Subway turkey sandwich, which he rightfully earned.

By mid-afternoon, the CIB had added approximately 120 students to its contact list. We want to thank everyone who stopped by the CIB booth to show their support for the club, and we hope to see you all this coming Wednesday, at 6:00 p.m. at Coastal Science Center room 300 for our first general membership meeting of the year!