Applied Intelligence project

NSA officers attend CIB Applied Intelligence Project briefing on Ukraine

Two officers of the United States National Security Agency attended a briefing session on Ukraine, provided by the members of the CIB’s Applied Intelligence Project. The briefing took place on Monday, April 25, 2022, in Coastal Carolina University’s state-of-the-art Intelligence Operations Command Center. It was attended by the directors of the six CIB’s Critical Mission Centers, as well as by a host of Senior Analysts, who provide intelligence support.

The NSA officers were visiting CCU in order to attend the Intelligence and Security Studies Department’s first annual INTEL Day, which took place on Friday, April 23, on CCU’s campus. During the briefing session on Monday, the officers were briefed for over an hour on a variety of topics relating to the war in Ukraine, ranging from the state of the combat theater to developments inside Russia, the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Following the briefing session, the NSA officers provided feedback and gave useful advice on intelligence briefing methodologies and approaches.

The CIB would like to thank the National Security Agency and the Department of Intelligence and Security Studies for facilitating this opportunity.