CIB and EIA publish seventh issue of The Intelligence Review

The Intelligence ReviewThe CIB is pleased to announce the publication of the seventh issue of The Intelligence Review, a compendium of useful analytical forecasts by CIB analysts, which relate to some of the most pressing questions in global security today. The volume is the product of a transatlantic collaboration between the CIB and the European Intelligence Academy (EIA), a network of intelligence studies scholars, specialists and students, who are dedicated to promoting international collaboration in intelligence scholarship and research.

Topics in this issue include the current and projected state of Sino-Russian relations, as well as recent and projected developments relating to the state of Russia’s Armed Forces. There is also an essay that focuses on the current and projected state of the Sinaloa cartel, one of Mexico’s most prolific organized criminal groups, whose leader, Joaquín Guzmán (also known as el Chapo), is currently serving a life sentence in an American Supermax prison. Last but not least, the present compendium includes an analysis of the leadership prospects of Israel’s embattled Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The CIB analysts whose work is included in this issue of The Intelligence Review are, in alphabetical order: Alex Clark, Connor Lewis, Jared Ross and Maddison Scholar. The issue is edited by CIB Faculty Mentor Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis and includes a foreword by EIA Director Dr. John Nomikos.

You can read the first six issues of The Intelligence Review by going here. To read this seventh issue of the journal click here. To order printed copies of any issue, contact the CIB.