The Class

01The Chanticleer Intelligence Brief is the student-led wing of INTEL 451, Applied Intelligence Analysis, an undergraduate course offered by the Intelligence and National Security Studies program of the Department of Politics at Coastal Carolina University in the United States. It may be taken for as many semesters as needed by a student in fulfillment of the requirements for the Intelligence and National Security Studies major. The course is taught by Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis, an Assistant Professor at Coastal Carolina University.

The course offers hands-on familiarity with intelligence-briefing conventions for a variety of specialized and lay audiences. Students acquire an experiential understanding of open-source intelligence collection, production and delivery, reflecting their own regional or issue-based focus. The course strives to enable students to develop and apply in-depth knowledge of the historical, political and economic intricacies of a particular region of the world, or a pressing transnational issue of concern. It also enables students to develop and refine their open-source intelligence collection, evaluation and briefing abilities. In doing so, students improve their teamwork and group-communication skills, while at the same time strengthening their forecasting skills based on the application of critical-thinking, reasoning and problem-solving abilities.