CCU video highlights CIB Applied Intel project

Coastal Now, Coastal Carolina University’s in-house television show, has produced a brief video about the work of the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief’s “Applied Intelligence” project. On February 16, Coastal Now visited the CIB’s Critical Mission Center briefing session at Coastal’s all-new Intelligence Operations Command Center, and filmed the group’s hour-long meeting. The purpose of the Coastal Now video was to highlight how the Applied Intelligence project is handling the unfolding crisis in Ukraine.

Launched in January of 2022, The Applied Intelligence project is the most immersive, hands-on intelligence activity that has ever been offered for students in the Intelligence and Security Studies program at CCU. Each semester, six interns serve as Critical Mission Center (CMC) Directors, and oversee the work of up to 24 CMC Support Officers, who serve as Senior Analysts for the entire semester. These teams are tasked with collecting critical information on crises and hot spots around the world as they emerge, in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment. Unsurprisingly, Ukraine is a major focus of this project at the present time. The work of the project is hosted on the website of the European Intelligence Academy, which helps oversee the output of the analysts.

In the Coastal Now video, you can see footage of a briefing session, as well as interviews with the head of CMC Bravo, which focuses on Ukraine, and the CIB faculty mentor.